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Garage Door Cables & Tracks

Cables & Tracks | Garage Door Repair Escondido, CA

Your tracks and cables are essential parts of your whole garage door mechanism. They ensure the smooth and noiseless movement of the door and their regular maintenance will also prolong their lifespan and save you from problems in the long run. Both components however can be subject to damage over time. General wear and tear can cause your cables to snap, loosen, break or come off the drum. Similarly, the tracks installed with your garage door will undergo a certain amount of damage with regular use; they may become bent or broken to the point of replacement. This is not a terrible thing and can be repaired with little effort and time.

When Problems Arise

When the tracks are dented and the cables broken, it is important you get them looked at quickly. Our technicians are experienced with these components and are available to help you fix them. We can replace both components with durable repair parts, make sure the garage door rollers sit well in the tracks, and confirm the pulleys are working as they should be. If you have noticed an issue with your tracks or cables, you should contact our repair specialists to attend your property and inspect the damage or troubleshoot any unusual noise coming from the system.

My Door Has Come Off Its Track

If your door has come off track, it is dangerous to try and adjust or handle it yourself. The pressure which is exerted on the garage door hinge and springs is extreme – it is extremely dangerous for a person who is not trained when it comes to garage mechanisms and technical maintenance to try and fix the problem. We do consider an off-track door as a serious malfunction and so we will do our best to provide immediate service and help right away following your call.

Fast Response & Professional

You can count on us at any time. Our specialists are here to help you out with more information and advice. Small track dents are generally fixed right away but we can also check, replace and maintain fasteners and other adjacent parts in order to ensure the stability of the door and your safety. Contact us today and feel safe in the knowledge you've done all you can to ensure the lifespan of your cables and tracks!


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