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Whether you've been a garage owner for years or have just acquired your first, you'll find a range of useful information regarding how best to maintain your door via our FAQs below. Just scroll down to read more.

What material should my garage door be made from?

Most garage doors are made from wood, aluminum, steel and fiberglass. Each of these has its own benefits. Wood doors can be stylish and classy. Steel doors are strong and secure. Aluminum doors are lightweight and less expensive. Fiberglass doors are resistant to corrosion and translucency. Ultimately the decision will depend on your needs and home environment.

Why must the bottom seal be regularly replaced?

Since it's placed on the bottom part of the door, the lower seal gets worn faster than the top and side seals. Further, bottom seals can bring lots of dust and insects into the garage which can become a nuisance over time. Finally, if the bottom seal is considerably worn, this could compromise the house's security if the gap is big enough to allow intruders to lift the door with tools.

What is the ideal headroom for a sectional door?

All installations require a lot of planning by an expert. We recommend a minimum of 300mm space between the ceiling line and the bottom of the door opening. Anything less than that should be pre-planned. There should also be a space of around 3400mm behind the actual garage opening.

Can openers activated by distance?

Yes, a number of manufacturers have produced garage door openers which can be activated from a distance via your smartphone, computer or tablet. You just connect with the system in order to close the door or open the door from afar. Some systems also allow you to turn the lights on and off.

Is it better to have a torsion spring or extension spring?

It is recommended to use torsion springs for heavier doors in particular - the spring is mounted to a header and situated above the top section of the door. Because torsion springs don't contract or expand, incidences of broken torsion springs are fairly low. Extension springs are attached either side of the door and stretch along a horizontal track when the door is closed. They're likely to be fine for lightweight doors but may offer less balance and safety for heavier doors.

Do I need central heating in my garage?

If you spend your entire day in the garage, you could consider installing air-conditioner units, however well-insulated garage doors should be sufficient. In fact, a well insulated garage door can even help to protect the temperatures of the entire house. Today, most door panels have excellent insulation materials but it is also important to keep an eye on the condition of the weather stripping often and replace the bottom seal regularly.

Is it OK to remove or turn off the safety beams?

Actually, no. According to our experts, all of the garage door openers that were manufactured since the year 1993 need some form of safety device by law. After all, they protect people from malfunction or in the event the door comes crashing down.

How often should I have my door serviced?

We suggest a quarterly maintenance checkup & service of your garage door - sometimes even more regularly if your door is particularly heavy. It's the largest moving part in your home after all, you want to ensure it continues to function properly.


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